Three Reasons why Saybrook Pillows are the Best Pillows

Side-sleeping on Saybrook adjustable pillow

1Adjustable Loft

Adjust the loft to any height you want. Achieve perfect posture alignment in any sleep position you prefer for both him and her.

Hugging Saybrook adjustable pillow

2Better Materials

Saybrook's Lion Down Alternative® filling provides better support than generic memory foam while maintaining a luxurious softness.

Loving Saybrook adjustable pillow

3Loved by Experts

Sleep experts and customers consistently rate the Saybrook pillow as best-in-class. Read more to see why people love the Saybrook pillow.

Adjusting the Saybrook pillow

Step 1

Unzip outer cover and inner lining

Adjustable Pillow

Step 2

Remove filling until you find the perfect loft

Saybrook packaging to store filling

Step 3

Store unused filling in original packaging

Saybrook adjustable pillows help achieve perfect alignment for side-sleepers

Achieve Perfect Alignment

Saybrook adjustable pillows help achieve perfect alignment for back-sleepers

For Any Sleep Position

Memory foam too hard

Too hard

Some foam can be hard as a rock when down alternative fibers aren't added or aged memory foam is reused

Memory foam too soft

Not enough support

Other foam lets your head sink like a rock when too many polyester fibers are used or the foam doesn't have enough viscoelasticity

Perfect pillow fill material

Just right

Saybrook's Lion Down Alternative® is meticulously designed to provide just the right amount of support while still feeling soft

Lion Down Alternative

Lie down with Lion Down

Feel the texture of the bamboo cover

Saybrook adjustable pillow with bamboo cover
YKK Zipper on Saybrook Pillow

Enjoy world-class construction

Adjustable Loft Pillow
Hypoallergenic Materials
Free U.S. Shipping
Breathable Fabric
Certified Foam
Washable Cover
Reusable Packaging