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What are the benefits of an adjustable pillow?

Everyone sleeps in a unique way and has a unique body type, and this influences the loft and firmness required from a pillow.

One person might be perfectly comfortable sleeping on a thick pillow while another person might prefer a thin pillow. Someone with broader shoulders has different requirements from a petite sleeper.

An adjustable pillow allows the sleeper to control the loft and firmness with precision. The sleeper no longer has to adjust to the pillow. Instead, the pillow adjusts to the sleeper.

You shouldn't have to test out multiple pillows to find the best pillow for your body type and sleep preferences. An adjustable pillow will be perfect for you.

What is the difference between a pillowcase and pillow protector?

A pillow protector should be water resistant and zippered to protect a pillow against allergens.

On the other hand, pillowcases might be more permeable, allowing moisture to reach the pillow. A pillowcase still helps with hygiene because it blocks oils and dirt from reaching the pillow, and it can easily be removed for wash cycles.

How do I choose between a down pillow and a memory foam pillow?

Down pillows are soft and comfortable, but they aren't as supportive as a memory foam pillow. The loft of a down pillow will decrease significantly as weight is piled on top.

On the other hand, a memory foam pillow provides greater support because memory foam isn't as soft as down.

Saybrook® uses a combination of memory foam and down alternative microfibers to capture the best of both worlds.

What are the advantages of silk, cotton, and bamboo?

Saybrook® uses each of these fabrics in different pillow covers, and they each have their advantages.

Bamboo fabric is an environmentally friendly fabric. It is knit and feels substantial. The bamboo cover feels soft to touch, and because it is thick, it provides additional padding on top of the pillow. The default cover on the Saybrook® Adjustable Pillow is the Bamboo Cover, which comes included. You can also purchase the Bamboo Cover as a separate product.

Cotton is also a great fabric since it is breathable. The Saybrook® Pillow Protector uses cotton on the outside while the inside layer is water-resistant. This allows the Pillow Protector to guard against moisture and allergens despite feeling breathable and great against the skin. The Pillow Protector also has a layer of padding in between the outside and inside layer, and the Pillow Protector can go on top of the Bamboo Cover.

Finally, the Saybrook® Silk Pillowcase is the most luxurious offering. Silk is the smoothest, softest fabric. Unlike the thick, padded layers of the Bamboo Cover and Pillow Protector, the Silk Pillowcase is thin and breezy. The Silk Pillowcase protects the skin against wrinkles and the hair against split ends with its friction-free finish. The Saybrook® Silk Pillowcase can go on top of both the Bamboo Cover and the Pillow Protector.

The Bamboo Cover and Pillow Protector add layers of padding and protection while the Silk Pillowcase adds a friction-free surface. All three of these pillow covers work well together in synergy.

What is the difference between the Saybrook® Adjustable Pillow and the Saybrook® Body Pillow?

The Saybrook® Adjustable Pillow is a bed pillow used to support the head while sleeping. The Adjustable Pillow comes in two different sizes: Standard / Queen and King. The Standard/ Queen is recommended for people who sleep on Twin, Full, or Queen-sized beds, while the King is recommended for people who sleep on King or California King beds.

The Saybrook® Body Pillow is a much bigger pillow at 4.5 feet in length. It is made with the same, quality materials as the Adjustable Pillow, but it is meant to support the entire body. The Body Pillow supports side-sleepers who need something to hug at night. The Body Pillow provides support for the knees, arms, and more. It can also be used during maternity.

Where can I read more about Saybrook® products?

The Saybrook® Adjustable Pillow and other products have been covered in several articles. Some reads will provide insight on sleep impact while others take a more subjective approach.